An Absurdly Light Bike

2015 Focus Izalco MAX 1.0 Frameset. Sram Red 10spd shifting. The shifters have DuraAce 9000 titanium shifter clamps that were ground down to fit the smaller opening in the back of the shifter and anodized purple because it’s my favorite color and because I can. Total savings there of 9 grams (not bad for 3 hours of work). Rear derailleur had the stock Ti pulley bolts replaced with alloy and the pulleys swapped for Aerozine Alloy pulleys.


There are no steel bolts on the whole bike, everything is Ti or alloy. The only steel bearing is the lower for the headset, because its proprietary to the frame/ fork. All other bearings are Enduro Zero Ceramic, Which costs a lot of money and saved 12 grams.

Wheels are Taiwan rims and hubs with Pillar Spokes, a mix of Ti and Stainless steel. They are left over from a past build and have over 1k miles on them. The plan is to get a hold of some AX Lightness rims and Extralite or Tune Hubs and build up a lighter set when funds allow.

PowerCordz Prime housing, which I love because it behaves exactly the same as regular housing but is half the weight. The brakes are a prototype PowerCord with a more flexible coating so that I could tie a knot around the brake cable pinch bolt. (not going into production because of wear issues if not maintain). Front Shifting is done by a PowerCord as well, and the rear is handled by an Alligator 31 strand shift cable(my favorite shift cable by far).

Ciamillo GSL Micro brakes with Ti Hardware. Ted and Kristi busted their butts to get these to me after one the batch that my original set were in, was tainted and there was a flaw in anodizing, and as we now know Ted was secretly working on the Gravitas crankset. Love the brakes, the finish is flawless, and the performance is even better. Getting them to work with PowerCordz is NOT recommended because it was such a huge pain to tie a knot in a tiny space around a very short bolt.


Cranks are Lightning Cycling Dynamics because they are light and made in the USA. Tune mid-compact chainrings, which Tune told me are the first they have sent to the US because they are having a hard time meeting demand in Europe (I ordered them in September and got them 2/16/15).


The prices in the spreadsheet are advertised MSRP so you could build it cheaper finding things on sale. All of the weights are measured from the parts themselves, and not taken as claimed. The weight between the spreadsheet and the complete only varies because I cut a smaller loop on the rear derailleur and eliminated the barrel adjuster on the front derailleur (good thing I guessed the cable stretch right the first time).