If you made it here, you've probably noticed a few new features to the website. Really, this is all symbolic of the bigger shift to the way the business is run. Here are a few things that we're pretty excited about:

New Name

We felt that the title "Endurance Training & Fitness Center" didn't really embody what we're doing any more and it just seemed long and clunky. From now on, we'll be doing business simply as "Endurance." It's short and describes what we're interested in: helping endurance athletes go faster and further.

New Logo

While we're rebranding, we thought we'd modernize our look as well:

Online Store

If you click on the "store" button up in the corner, you'll be directed to our new web store. There you can update your membership, buy a tune-up, or purchase a complete bicycle. Right now, we're only doing in-store pickup of bicycles at the request of the brands we are carrying.

Actual Store

We've greatly expanded the inventory of bikes and accessories in stock. If you haven't seen it lately, come down and check out the Focus cyclocross bikes and NeilPryde road bikes that we have on hand!

As we change, we want to insure that some things never change. The most important trait that we have here is our commitment to keeping our customers happy. If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you, in the comments, over the phone, or, best of all, in person.