This bike has a lot more in common with the Cayo in terms of design features than the Izalco, but it definitely has the go-fast spirit of the latter. It has the same oversized tubes in the bottom of the frame for optimal power transfer, and the petite tubes where it counts for long mileage comfort. Although it may look similar however, it does vary greatly in its geometry and its construction.This bike uses what Focus calls their “SSPS” tube construction which means that they don’t just make a bike bigger or smaller, they make a bike in each size to optimize the frame’s stiffness to weight ratio. Speaking of stiffness to weight, the Izalco Donna lighter than its unisex geometry siblings. Focus realized that, in general women produce less peak power than men, and also weigh less than men of a similar size, so they changed the build of the frame to reflect this. Does this mean that the frame is “flexy” then? No, far from it, the frame delivers excellent power transfer, it’s just not overly stiff and therefore overly heavy.

When it comes to the contact points on the bike, the Izalco Donna has just what you would expect from a modern Womens’ design bike. The saddle is a Concept female specific one, the handlebars are narrower and have a shallower drop than you would find on a mens’ bike, and the top tube has an ever so slight slope to increase the standover clearance. All said and done this bike is a great package. The ride is smooth, the handling is predictable and direct, and it just begs to go faster. How do I know? I’m not at all ashamed to say I’ve ridden it, and I love the color too.

...now if I could only get Focus to make on in a 58cm....

Component Highlights


Women's Specific Carbon Frame

Shimano 105 Groupset

Fulcrum WH-CEX 6.5 Groupset

Focus Concept Women's Specific Cockpit