We know that not everyone wants to tear it up with the local race crowds. For most of us, high performance takes a back seat to being comfortable enough to enjoy the ride. Today’s bike gives up none of the latter, and gives you all of the former. The Cayo Disc 4.0 is part of a rapidly growing category of Endurance road bikes. These bikes feature big lateral stiffness for awesome power transfer, clearance for larger tires, and a very smooth ride. 

The Cayo is no exception. The first thing you notice after you get on the bike is how wide all the tubes of the frame are. This makes the bike VERY stiff, the head tube is massive (the widest I can recall seeing), the down tube is huge, and the chainstays are very thick where they meet the oversized Bottom Bracket shell. The slightest bit of input from you and this thing wants to go. You might then be thinking that this bike would beat you up on a long ride, not so. While the lower tubes are very big to aid with power transfer and handling, the rest of the tubes are comparatively petite. The frame is designed to be as comfortable as they come.

The Cayo comes in two versions, standard rim brake, and disc brake. This is the disc model which comes with Shimano's Ultegra Hydraulic grouppo. Disc brakes not only offer more power than rim brakes, but give you consistent, fade free performance when the descents get long. No risk of blowing a tube from excessive heat build up coming off of Warm Lake Summit. Disc brakes also allow you to run a wider, more supple tire. The Cayo comes out of the box with 700x25 tires but you could easily fit 28’s or 30’s, maybe even some manufacturer's 32’s.

Component Highlights

P2T Carbon Frame

Shimano Ultegra Groupset

Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Fulcrum WH-CEX 4.5 Disc Wheels

Focus Concept/Fi'zi:k Cockpit